Takeout Menu

Veg SoupQuartPint
Clam Chowder$8$5

SalsaQuart1/2 Pint
Rolls1/2 dozenDozen
Butter (6 pats)$1.50

Cottage cheeseQuartPint
Oxtail StewQuartPint
Pickled Tongue1/2 lb.1lb.
Manchego, Blue or Jack Cheese1/4 lb1/2 lb
Side of garlic$3

Set Up to Go: for a family of 4 ($60)
4 rolls with butter
2 quarts of soup
1 quart of beans
1 pint of salsa
Green Salad for 4
1 pint of tomatoes
Spaghetti (in tray)
Vegetable of the day (in tray)
Roasted potatoes (in tray)
Entrees will be sold a la carte:
Fried chicken$10
Pork chops$10
Lamb Chops$17
Filet Mignon$18
NY Steak$17
Family Dinner for 4 people to include roasted potatoes, vegetable of the day, rolls, and butter.
Fried chicken (8 pieces)$34
½ Fried Chicken ½ Scampi$60
Porkchops (4)$36