Wool Growers Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge receives accolades for being a leader in the community. Wool Growers has been featured in magazines, newspapers and on television.

Wool Growers Pete Tittl

Mayie's Bean Recipe

LA Times – Mayie’s beans from Wool Growers

Sebastien Minaberri and his son, Dominique

Basquing in Tradition – European immigrants find purpose and pleasure in California’s countryside – By Jim Morris
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Waitress with Oxtail Stew

SAVEUR Magazine loves our Oxtail Stew (recipe) and writes about it!


Wool Growers front dining room

Woolgrowers: Basque Cooking in the U.S. – Written and Edited by Dwight Furrow, Ph.D,
CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine), WSET Advanced Level (Wine and Spirits Educational Trust)

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* … WOOL GROWER’S: It looks like Wool Growers, the famous Basque restaurant on 19th Street, will be getting some more love from the national press. Christiane Camou, daughter of Wool Grower’ owner Jenny Maitia-Poncetta, tipped me that the editor of Saveur magazine (James Oseland) popped into the eatery last week.  “He enjoyed it so much that he had his photographer take hundreds of pictures of the food, and visited with my grandmother and myself about the history of Basque restaurants in Bakersfield,” she said.


New York Times
March 19, 2004
JOURNEYS; 36 Hours | Bakersfield, Calif.

Pink Beans and Salsa
The most popular Basque restaurant in Bakersfield for a half-century, Wool Grower’s (620 East 19th Street, 661-327-9584) is packed six days a week with farmers and their clans wolfing down huge family-style meals that might include pork dip, lamb dip (both $7) and the Basque stew of the day with pink beans and salsa ($10). And if the tables are taken, you can always eat at the crowded bar, a veritable sea of oily trucker caps.

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Mayie Maitia, Inductee Basque Hall of Fame (courtesy – The Art and Culture of Basque Country
Jenny MaitiaFocus on Living – see recipe – (courtesy of Bakersfield Californian)